Migraines, Pain Management, and Botox

Capital Neurology focuses primarily on Migraine education and prevention, Pain management due to various conditions, and the use of Botox for medical and cosmetic purposes.

Migraine Education & Prevention


Every appointment is spent educating the patient causes and prevention
of migraines. Therapy can include examining the pathophysiology of a
headache, triggers for migraines, and pharmacologic/alternative
approaches to treating migraines.

Pain Management


Pain management may be necessary for physical injuries due to motor vehicle accidents injuries, Lyme Disease, MS, and various other diseases and conditions.


Medical Botox


Botox can be used for various medical conditions including
Blepharospasm, Dystonia, and migraines. It is a long lasting
medicine (up to 6 months), but is expensive. Contact our
office or the Allergan website for more information.


Cosmetic Botox and Restalyn


We provide Botox and Restalyn for cosmetic purposes.  Botox is used for wrinkles while Restalyn is used for deeper lines around the mouth. 

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