Our Mission

The mission of Capital Neurology is to foster the independence of persons with headaches and chronic pain. This is done by engaging patients in a two-way bidirectional communication and ensuring that establishing a specific diagnosis and a mutual understanding of the pathophysiologic basis of the pain syndrome and its effects on the patient and the family.

The explosion of medical knowledge, information sharing via the internet and the increasing sophistication of patients allowed for the development of a more well educated patient, particularly in conditions like headache and pain with two-way communication and active participation by patients in medical decisions. Therefore patient education leading to expertise in their condition is a major goal of our mission.

Our Goals for Your Experience

1. Quick appointment availability - We will schedule your appointment in a timely fashion. Many appointments can be scheduled within two to four weeks.

2. Shortest possible waiting times in the office - We will do our best to assure that you can be seen in a timely fashion. Being seen at the exact time of your appointment may not be possible. It is impossible to know ahead of time exactly how long each patient will need to spend with the physician. Emergency issues often arise which can make us run behind schedule. Still, we will make a concerted effort to minimize your wait times.

3. Convenient location of ancillary facilities - We have nearby physical therapy and MRI scan facilities. These two services are most commonly recommended by neurologists.

4. Helpful ancillary scheduling - Our staff is trained to assist you in scheduling any ancillary services your doctor recommends for you. Scheduling these services can be difficult as many insurance plans restrict where you can go. We will arrange many of these services for you and confirm with your insurance provider that they expect to cover the appropriate costs.

5. Accessible staff - We are committed to providing accessible staff to handle your inquiries and concerns. We can't guarantee an immediate response to your calls, but we will do our best to make sure our phones are answered personally. Any messages left for the staff will be responded to in a timely fashion.

Insurance Plans

A major problem in the current medical care climate are the restrictions on patient care imposed by the health insurance industry. We do not file with any insurance companies. This means when you see Dr. Cook it is on a cash basis. We provide the paperwork to file with the insurance company but it is solely up to the patient to file claims and seek reimbursement from whoever their insurance carrier might be. For more information feel free to contact our office.